The Trebax history started in 1975 with the production of moulds for special pieces. In 45 years activity we have increased our knowledge in the most different of sectors: from refractory techniques to compressed cement and the world of ceramics in general. This background of knowledge, together with continuous research and experiments, has made it possible for us to continuously develop innovative and most advanced solutions. Today, we can proudly count among our Customers the most prestigious companies, the world over.

Quality and technologies

Trebax identifies itself with innovation with regard to its own production system as well: high technology workshops, raw materials always certified, vertical stores for the stocking of semi-finished and finished products, an integrated production management program that can give you the progress on manufacturing activities at all times, sophisticated measuring instruments that guarantee the quality of the supplied products.

Innovation and development

To invest in the future. During 2012 the company has expanded its production facilities, doubling the structure, which nowadays is over than 4,000 square meters. One of the new buildings was used for the installation of a working center machinery with a very high technological content.

Human resources

Trebax’s philosophy bases itself on people. From the very beginning, the guidelines have always been man-orientated, for the appraisal of human resources: companies are in fact made of people. If there is job satisfaction, there is also curiosity for the new, the will to improve and to attain ambitious objectives. There is personnel in Trebax who has been working for the Company for more than 30 years.

Customer service

To meet the Customer’s requests, the entire Trebax staff is daily engaged in supplying a first class service, irrespective of who sends them: be it the Customer’s Head of Departments, Production Directors, Technical Offices or from the Press Department and supplying each one of them with the appropriate reply. A technical and after sales service is always available. From Suppliers to Partners. This is because product means, above all, service.

Where we are

Trebax S.r.l.

Via Cimabue, 66
42014 Castellarano (RE)

tel +39 0536 850288
fax +39 0536 858404
email info@trebax.it

TREBAX S.r.l.    Via Cimabue, 66 - Castellarano (RE) - ITALY  –  Tel. +39 0536 850288  –  FAX +39 0536 858404  –  info@trebax.it

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