Isostatic SFS moudular mould

TREBAX has combined the technology of the known isostatic SFS mould (TREBAX International Patent) to a magnetic system that allows you to produce, just with one mould, different thickness tiles, simply demagnetizing the half-matrix and replacing it with one dedicated to a different thickness. This allows a large cost saving and a large increase in quality pressed products.

Technical and economical advantages

1. Production of different tiles with the same mould: instead of buying a mould for each type of tile to be produced (thickness, different mixture, radius, interrupted spacer, shaped, etc.), it is enough to buy one single isostatic mould and a semi-matrix dedicated to the required tile type
2. Reduction of 80% the mould change time: instead of replacing a complete mould - which requires hours of work and downtime – you have to replace only a half-matrix
3. Reduction of costs of purchase and of regeneration: a single mould instead of 2 or more moulds, thanks to an only one upper isostatic part
4. Certainty of the caliber (tiles with different designs, with different weights, but of the same size) due to isostatic system.
5. Long life: the high quality materials used in the construction increase greatly the mould life compared to the normal standard
6. Less downtime for replacement of molds and a less number of regenerations, which is translated into saved money.

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